SteerSuite Code Reference

This set of pages is doxygen-generated documentation of the SteerSuite code. This includes SteerLib, the main library of SteerSuite, as well as the code from all other tools.

In addition to the code reference, there is also a User Guide and Reference Manual. The User Guide walks through the main features of SteerSuite and how to use them. The Reference Manual describes all test cases, metrics, benchmark techniques, modules, command line tools in SteerSuite.

Useful Starting Points for Programming with SteerLib

Simulations and modules:

Developing your own AI:

Reading test cases and recordings:


Error Handling in SteerSuite

External errors (for example, an input file has bad syntax, accidental misuse of a class) are handled by throwing a Util::GenericException containing a useful error message. Internal errors use assert statements.

We strongly suggest that you catch exceptions and look at the useful message returned by Util::GenericException::what(). If your code does not handle exceptions, then SteerLib may appear to crash abruptly for no reason, but most likely the error is a simple fix outside of SteerLib, based on the error message contained in the exception. Reading these messages can save you hours of debugging.

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