SteerSuite Reference Manual

Shawn Singh

All Rights Reserved.


This document describes the test cases, metrics, benchmark techniques, SteerSim modules, and options/controls for programs that are provided with SteerSuite.

There is also a User Guide and a Code Reference. The User Guide walks through the main features of SteerSuite and how to use them, a good starting point if you are new to SteerSuite. The Code Reference is doxygen-generated documentation of the SteerSuite code. To find the latest version of all these documents, visit the SteerSuite web page.

Table of Contents

1. SteerSim Reference
2. SteerBench Reference
3. SteerTool Reference
4. Listing of Test Cases
5. Listing of Benchmark Metrics
6. Listing of Benchmark Techniques
7. Listing of SteerSim modules
8. Test Case XML Format
9. Rec File Format